BroadBand Solutions

Broadband  solutions  from Teleagile  range  from  Optical  Broadband  solutions  for  telecom  operators to wireless broadband for enterprise customers.  We  have  with  us  complete range  of  products  that can fulfill  the  networking requirements of both operators and smart buildings being. Optical  broadband  solutions include all flavors of FTTH  solutions  with  key  focus on GPON. We work with variety of equipment manufacturers to integrate and deliver complete turnkey solutions to our customers.

Security and Servillance Solutions

CCTV,Access Controle Parking System,Video Stroage Solutions Buliding Managment Solution and Lawful Intercept at the area where we offer to full fill the needs to entreprise the customers,telecom,operator,security,agencies and Govt department.

Network Managment and Performance Solutions

We carry on our profile state of the art products for management of SNMP based devices. We also offer management and monitoring of non-SNMP devices by using integrated probes. For performance monitoring we have the solutions that can monitor the performance of cellular networks including 3G and 4G cellular network.

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